Experience in the use 7 Slim

7 Slim: how I lost 8 kg per month

I rarely write reviews, but this drug could not ignore. Two months ago acquired 7 Slim on the recommendation of the sisters.

7 Reviews Slim

The results to parts of the course, which lasted a month, and my notes for 30 days after the end of. I hope to lose my experience helps readers weight.

Briefly about the type of application

The drug is one drop. You don't need to measure with the help of pipettes or paper bowls-dimensional, all of the already metered. An ampoule – a recording. In a pack of 20 Mini-packs.

The instructions simple and understandable explains how to 7 Slim: drink 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating, drinking juice or water. I decided to diversify the application and added to the liquid in the milk, and then it spilled Protein powder. Indigestion or other side effects afterwards, not noticed.

To 7 Slim

My inputs – 75 kilograms at a size of only 1.70. The are 25 kilos of my ideal weight. Yes, a little after the birth. Standard active – U-Bahn-Station, business, sometimes a walk in the nearest Park. Sports such as prior to the course, and while it doesn't do that. Time at the gym. It is worth noting that at the top I have legs at the beginning of a significant weight loss Cellulite.

After 30 Days 7 Slim

Experience in the use

Not dominate, and each week, weighed, although they say that the weight can jump. For the first time, a Kilo minus, then 1.5 minutes... And on the third and fourth week, a strong increase in earnings of up to 2.5 and 3 kg! Apparently, the effect accumulated. Total 8 kg in 30 days, at the end of the course, my weight was 67 kg.

Cellulite significantly less. Skin after losing weight, quite sharp, by the standards of nutritionists (they recommend the discharge of not more than 4 kg per month) is not related. I made a light Massage with a stiff brush, but no further measures to streamline, and at the output of the skin was supple, as if I and not a diet.


7 Slim – really a quick means to losing weight. The best results I Mono given on 3 weeks, but it is, frankly, the agony of the body. And with 7 Slim it turns out, to lose weight quickly and without consequences for the health. The most important thing is that the pounds did not back it! A month has passed, but there is no salary increase, not a gram. I recommend you try.