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  • The essence, advantages and disadvantages and the menu of the Maggi diet from 2 to 4 weeks: a diet for every day. Diet recipes for weight loss. Weight loss results and diet opinions.
    30 June 2021
  • Gout, purine metabolism in the body, purine compounds in food, symptoms of gout, diet for gout, what not to eat with gout, foods allowed, approximate menu, fasting days for gout, general recommendations for patients with gout.
    6 January 2021
  • Watermelon Diet For Weight Loss: Essence, Pros And Cons, Menu Options, Warnings And Contraindications.
    2 December 2020
  • Favorite diet how many, thanks to its efficiency, the simple, affordable menu, and it only takes a week. During this time, you can relieve from 5 to 10 kilograms.
    1 January 2020