Exercises to remove belly and flanks

In today's society the Standard of beauty of the women, a slim figure is. What if the favorite sitting Rock to tight at the waist and the Jeans hugged fat reveals do to the pages?

exercises for losing weight

You have to understand, what to remove, the only body fat on the belly or thighs with the help of special exercises will not work. Be needed such as regular physical activity and adherence to a special diet to maintain the body in good physical condition.

Oh, the folds of the hated belly fat arise unnoticed and go fast and long and reluctantly. We have, therefore, a professional exercises to remove belly and flanks! They will help you to lose the achievement of the goal – weight!

Detailed instructions for the get rid of of excess fat

So, it is time to gather strength, fold, laziness and start working on your figure. Physical activity — the best medicine of unnecessary fat!

To perform exercises to burn fat and lose weight in your stomach at home on a regular basis. The standing exercises will give visible, positive results for weight decrease in the abdominal area. The effectiveness of the exercises to burning belly fat is dependent on the regularity and force of will.

But then, how is it joyfully, if the control measures you will be pleasantly surprised with the results of the weight loss and reduction in the volume of the stomach for a week.

Tip! Remove the belly and flanks, it is important that these exercises are just for women, as for men obesity according to a different type.

More move!

Women always move, always a lot more men, but it is not exempt from the lessons, for the reduction of belly fat. Bosu Training is not a lot of time, but to get rid of fat deposits on the belly, exactly where you need it.

Effective exercise to remove belly and flanks provide active movement, move of laziness, to move more and more!

Be sure to eat wisely!

To eat In the time of the training necessary to properly and efficiently. Any physical exertion at the wrong diet will be useless to lose weight will not succeed! To ensure that you don't know, that we use, we give some important notes in the following Chapter.

Food during the weight loss should be carefully chosen, but for the beginning important to change the diet. To reduce thoroughly by your diet, you can not fast, and in the process, a significant amount of weight.

  1. You have the courage to eliminate them, or try to reduce to a Minimum the diet, fast carbohydrates (sweet and flour first).
  2. You need limit consumption of salt, it also promotes the formation of excess water in the body (edema).
  3. Reduce the servings of up to 200 G, eat more often, at least 4-6 times per day.
  4. Be sure to drink at least 2 liters of pure water. Water plays an important role in the metabolism and promotes the loss of weight of the whole body, including the abdomen and thighs.
  5. You dispense with fatty varieties of meat and fish, prefer low-fat varieties of meat: poultry, beef, rabbit. The fish is better suited, plaice, saithe, cod.
  6. Cook better steaming, baking or just cooking.
  7. They forego fast Food!
how to lose weight in the stomach

The rules of exercises for abdominal muscles at home

  1. An important point in the Training, the choice of the time, you can't start charging and exercises for the abdomen after taking food. Try the exercises start on an empty stomach immediately after sleep, or 3 hours after eating. Just at this time, the body is more active combustion configured on the fat.
  2. At morning exercises, in the exercises for losing belly and thigh not sports use devices for the weighting. The use of such shells leads to an increase in muscle mass in problem areas and increase the visual volume.
  3. The most important prerequisite for the achievement of the goal of slimming abdomen and thighs is the regularity of the activities. How often and long lick exercise will – decide for yourself, stick to the main schedule for every day. You are accused of being lazy and avoid long pauses in the lessons. The exercises should be fun and feel a slight fatigue.
  4. Exercises for slimming stomach and thighs alternately with exercises for the weight loss of the legs, Nordic walking and regular kinks.
  5. You start to exercises to remove belly and flanks with a warm-up. During the training, the muscles, the blood circulation speeds up in the body, expands the Amplitude of the movements in the joints. As a result, injuries are prevented.
  6. Those women who bring a determined figure in order, you need to know what kind do of exercise during the charging process, remove the fat on the belly and the thighs. In the following article we present to you the most common variants of the training, but the opportunity of consultation with a professional is worth it.
  7. Thus, the result of the slimming of the abdomen, hips, select the complex of 5 uprajnenii run alternately in three approaches, each exercise repeat at least 30 times 3 — 4 times per week. In sports, pay attention to your sensations and pulse. Do not overdo it!

Execution plan

The home needs to properly and not to conveyor, Hack classes, in accomplices children, they will engage in fun in the vicinity of his mother. Together with the good mood, for exercises for weight loss belly, hips and flanks, and the result is not worse, than at work in the hall with the coach. The main thing is, stick to simple principles:

  1. You start the workout with a simple warm-up on the whole body, well they work the movement in the joints of the shoulder, the joints of the arms, hip and legs, you dance to your favorite music.
  2. Next stepping stone to a slim body effective exercises to remove belly and flanks to follow, and simple exercises such as inclines, so. Gradients of 10-15 times back and forth, then to the right and to the left. Try pulling the muscles, the try toes get.
  3. Wiking slimming belly and hips at home is an exercise with a hula-Hoop. To strengthen the effect, you can buy nozzles with a hula-Hoop with Massage. When turning the yoke to the waist, work the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, back, buttocks and legs. In the exercise with a more calories burned, which leads to active weight loss.
  4. Not to forget the squats, this exercise builds the muscles on the floor belly-legs press-po, and promotes weight loss.
running for weight loss

More effective exercises for strong weight loss the belly and on the sides — in the supine position on the floor. You go to the classic exercises for fast and effective weight loss (is a variety of Mahi, feet, and hands, to rotate the hull in the prone position). All people have different physical preparation and must be reasonably slimming approach the burden, this is especially true for exercises for the belly.

We are accused of a closer look at 10 simple exercises to remove belly and flanks at home. These courses are suitable for beginners, enthusiasts and serious Amateurs training plan for the home for dealing with fat deposits in the abdominal area.

Cardio exercises for the belly

Cardio-Training (aerobic Training) is the combination of certain exercises to increase the heart rate and strengthening blood flow during exercise. The entire cardiovascular System is trained. Cardio exercises heart prepare to higher levels of stress and are necessarily included in the exercises for the abdomen, reduction of fat tissue on the hips, and the Training of the leg muscles. During the effective Cardio exercises to remove belly and flanks, you should regularly pulse (better heart rate sensor) to enjoy.

Cardio exercise the most effective exercises in a complex, especially to remove belly and flanks are, there happens to be actively burning calories, and, accordingly, a reduction of fat tissue.

Attention! Offer you to observe three simple exercises to the quick "pumps" of the press and to the side.



Exercises Action The Result
Daily Lie on your back on the floor with legs outstretched. Lift the top housing of the body as low as possible to the feet, the fixed hands behind the head. Perform 3-5 approaches to 15 pitches each. Need to entertain you in between sets not less than 30 seconds. Increased aerobics to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. A Minus of 2-3 kg per month
Daily Lying on the floor lift your legs at a right angle. During the climbs, the feet must implement on the ground. The 10 climbs to do in the 4-5 approach.

The recovery between sets is not less than 30 seconds.

The Training of the abdominal muscles abdomen, back kick, side to side. Minus 2-4 kg per month
Several times a day Strong exertion of the abdominal muscles, as it sucks and keep the voltage up to 10-15 seconds. Then Loosening Up. You lead such exercises up to 5 times per approach. Effective exercises for the abdominal muscles, strengthens the abdominal muscles, to have good results slimming on the sides. Minus 1-2 kg per month

Such classes do not occupy a lot of time, at all times, they were the simplest and most effective in the fight against excess weight and have a flat stomach.

Regular light exercise, to the emaciation of the whole body, and particularly of the abdomen is not possible without adjusting the diet, reducing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Reduced calorie diet that has lose weight a very effective way to help the effectiveness of belly.

exercises at home

Morning exercise to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen takes only 8-10 minutes and brings you in a good mood. Simple exercises for belly slimming really work, the abdomen is flat, and the flanks go.

Exercises for the abdominal muscles on the back

To lose weight quickly, all of the exercises lying on your back, it should be on a special sports Mat, it softens the impact and prevents careless even injuries. First of all, you can spend a warm-up for 5 minutes, pre-heat and pull the muscles.


Exercise "bike" Cycling is simulated. This is thighs the best exercise for slimming the abdomen, hips and upper.

You take lying down the start position: on your back, Flex meadow, the King, pushing your heel as close as possible to the pelvis, the arms with the elbows behind the head.

Slowly lift the shoulders off the floor, straining the abdominal muscles. Stretch one foot at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground, at the same time, pull the opposite shoulder to the king, meadow bent feet. Then, without pausing, repeat the exercises with the other leg. The movement of the legs should be smooth and not too fast. They practice after 10 movements with each leg, and relax, then do 1-2 approaches.

"Russian twist"

It is a difficult exercise uses all the muscles of the body, especially

the twisting abdominal muscles tense. In the starting position sit on the floor, folding back the case to 45 degrees, king's meadow bent, lift the legs and keep them in a state of limbo. Somknite hands into the lock and heated seats to pull the front out. With the exhalation, tighten your abdominal muscles, simultaneously twist the body to the side, the closed hands way in the direction of the movement of the body. Take a short break, then repeat the movement in the opposite direction. Enough for 3 sets of 10 Situps produce on a press.

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles in the bar

The exercise "plank" consists of a movements, with the aim of strengthening the press, slimming belly, hips and back. Ironing is exercises the most important in plant Fitness. It is effective for building a flat stomach.

In the basic position, on the knees, palms operates in the soil. Pull in the abdomen, tighten the abdominal muscles and slowly go on bent at the elbow, the elbow are the joints only under the shoulder. Hold for a Minute, tensing of the abdominal muscles. Then gently stretch your legs, changing the Position on the classic hanger to rest on a floor only with the toes and the palms of the hands. The abdomen is raised, the pelvis upward is released, the body has a similarity with a straight line. You count out loud to 10 and pull the torso to the heated seats in the front, with the power of the pulling muscles. Exercise is recommended, repeat 4-5 times.

Strap with crack

Exercise is for the General Training of the body, remove the legs, thighs, belly.

Output location — the classic top bar. To rest on a floor with the hands, in the leap, she spread her legs without having to stop, jump, pinch the legs. Jump of at least 5 minutes a approach. You can complicate the exercise is to add a hanger with twists.

exercises for the abdominal muscles

Exercises for the abdominal muscles are

There is a mass of the most effective exercises to strengthen the muscles and decrease belly. So simple exercises, such as the gradients are very effective when necessary, the abdomen and flanks to remove it.

The slopes can be strengthened by the dumbbells in the hands, or other heavy projectiles.

Good exercises have been proven in the stand, turns to the left and to the right. In the effort of the muscles of the abdominal press, the man, the hands apart, standing on bent legs shoulder-width apart, behind the head. In this Position you will perform rotations in different directions. Exercise effective belly slimming, the side.

These exercises you can decrease in the morning exercises with the aim of reducing the waist and abdomen.

In the process of charging is entered, such exercises for the lazy, such as the lifting of the legs when sitting on the chair, when the king's meadow pressed to the breast and stay for 10-15 seconds. This exercise is also a good result in weight loss belly and flanks. Make sure the exercises with a hula-Hoop.