The best diet for losing weight

Obesity is a burning issue for many women and men. Solve you can help the best diet for weight loss, the most popular and effective. Supply systems for the reduction of the weight, so that each person is able to select an Option, either for themselves, taking into account the personal characteristics. You will learn the most well-known techniques of weight loss, the healthy, and most of them have a positive reviews.

Diet for weight loss

What the diets are

Nowadays, there are many Power systems for weight loss and the list is constantly updated. They all aim at weight reduction, but differ in the diet, the duration, the alleged result. The effective diet for weight loss can be divided into several categories:

  1. Monodiets. The ration consists of one or two products, not necessarily low-calorie. Monodiets difficult to tolerated, but a good lot.
  2. Protein. Based on the exclusion of carbohydrates. Effective and relatively safe methods, although the diet is not completely balanced. Some people tolerate Protein lift heavy.
  3. Low-calorie.Suggest strict calorie, but balanced diet.
  4. Malouglevodnomu. The number of consumed carbohydrates are reduced to a Minimum.
  5. Low-fat. Fat Intake Limit.
  6. Cleaning. By eating foods that promote the excretion of waste products, toxins from the body.
  7. The Blood Group. Take into account the physiological needs of the people. Balanced and safe, but are not for everyone, because in addition to the blood group each of us the mass and other functions.
  8. Soup cups. Based on the consumption of hot and cold appetizers.
  9. Express-Diet. Suspect lose weight in a few days. Weight according to Express-methods back to me quickly. They are effective, but the body damage can bring.
  10. Drinking yoghurts. Consumption of water, juices, tea, and other drinks.
  11. Interval. Nutrition of different foods at certain intervals of time. No restriction on calories, the number of meals. Interval-Power-System will not be effective, without the physical exertion.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of diets

In each category there are many supply systems, but not all are equally effective. That you have understood, what effect do you expect the one or the other of you familiarize yourself with topom, developed taking into account the numerous reviews to lose weight:

Food for weight loss

Group Diets


The expected result of weight loss (kg)



7 for the period of the attack, after 1 week of exchange on



To 14 Days



The English

7-10 21 days

Two weeks of salt-free


Traffic light

2 in 7 days

Swedish "6 Petals"

5-6 6 days


2 weeks ago 6



Of 0.7-1 in 7 days


100 G per day


1 for 7 days


up to 10 to 14 days



4 10 days

The fruit and Can

4 per week


18-25 for 3 months


5 per week

According To Blood Group

3-5 in 2 months


For 3 Days


In 9 Days




700-800 G per day


2-3 per week


3 for 7 days

Soup cups

Carrot-Ginger -

Up to 5 per week

On the supperior reliability with asparagus and spinach


On the supperior reliability of broccoli with arugula


The Day




For a month

20 and more


The Three-Day






5 per week


1 per day

Malic acid

3 3 days

Cabbage soup

1 per day


0.5 per day


Each Power System for the reduction of body weight requires a change in diet and way of life of a certain period of time. The task of each people, trying to lose weight – select one that brings him the expected result, and the body does not damage. This should be taken very seriously, to learn the rules, the list of contra-indications. The best diet is not going to deliver, even the slightest inconvenience.


lose weight quickly

In this category, the best methods are balanced, the diet as much as possible. All of the menus consists of a of such products, which hinder the improvement of the work of the gastro-intestinal tract, the excretion of nutrients. In General, in the diet recipes Can and fruit, rich in dietary fiber are included. List of the most useful and safe for the body diets:

  • Can;
  • Oats;
  • on the pulps;
  • Chemical;
  • Paleo;
  • gluten-free;
  • Osama Hamdy;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Dr. Kovalkova;
  • Vitamin-and protein-rich;
  • Montignac;
  • Protein-carbohydrate alternating.


Methods from this list, select a rule, those people who had a real result. They are well known, and many of the proven thin. The list of the most popular systems of diet for weight loss:

  1. The Kremlin. Each product is assigned a certain number of points. On the day of food "allowed" a maximum of 40 points. 7 days "Berlin" cleans up to 5 kg. Preferably, the delicious fish and meat dishes. The technique is effective, but has a number of contraindications, and not as people who appreciate the variety in the diet.
  2. The Japanese. Salt-free food in the huge list of banned products. Good for health, but because of the vapidity of the food is difficult to comply with.
  3. A separate power supply. Based on the fact that food can, in any amount, but don't mix with a carbohydrate-Protein. Certain foods fall under a strict ban. To stick way of losing weight is simple, with special tables of the compatibility of the products. The most effective method, but get used to eating difficult for him.


It is worth noting that there is now a growing number of diets designed to provide a gentle effect on the body. If, before the greater popularity enjoyed Express options, the given in today's time, this advantage of Power systems that aim at the long-term, but sustainable results. Here are a few examples:

  1. 5 tablespoons of. A well-balanced System for the restriction of the maximum daily amount of food. 5 tablespoon – the perfect amount of food to satisfy your Hunger and replenish energy reserves. Minimum time interval between meals – 3 hours. Forbidden food little. Contra-indications almost.
  2. Potasovka. Calculated on a month and a half. Ration so that the Hunger of the people, although forbidden food very much. Power System contributes to the improvement of the digestion, balanced according to the ratio of PFC.
  3. For belly and hips. The System is based on the use of food, the subcutaneous fat. You need to count calories (1200-1300 kcal per day Maximum), respectively, and the daily menu, so that the amount of fat consumed not more than 20%. For sustainable results in food sitting on this scheme, it is recommended that not less than one month.

The famous

The stars of the Film, television and pop stars also support different effective diet (sometimes very unusual and interesting) to be in perfect shape. If you would like to follow the example of their idols, try these methods of weight loss:

  1. The Three-Day Diet Of Nicole Kidman. To quickly get in shape, celebrity recommends solid food and brew drink, from a fat-burning Smoothies, juices and fruit, herbal teas and water. Repeat the course must not more often an once in two-three months. It helps to get rid of 2-3 kg, clean the body, improve the condition of the skin.
  2. The best diet of Sophia Loren. This woman can have a perfect figure already for many years. With the right diet, always counting calories. Once a month, Sophie sits on the three-day diet. She eats three times a day in small portions. The nutrition in these days includes juices, eggs, Can, salads, Turkey, shrimp, fruit, low-fat dairy products.
  3. The Technique Of Julia Roberts. This actress prefers to fish lose weight in salads, and Can. Fried dishes are excluded. Eggs, sugar, noodles, meat, rice and potatoes Giulia excludes the time lose weight.

The best diet for women

To control due to certain characteristics of the organism, hormonal disorders, of the fair sex more difficult, your weight. Nutritionists secrete a series of Power techniques, which is very effective for women:

  • Japanese;
  • Hollywood two weeks;
  • Protein System Ducane;
  • separate power supply for 90 days;
  • Strawberry;
  • Kefir;
  • Buckwheat;
  • Fruit.
Products for slimming

For fast weight loss

Power supply system for weight loss in the shortest amount of time is very popular, because often such situations arise, if you have a brilliant result. It is to be noted that such systems nutrition and Hunger have a range of side effects: they cause can cause the body great Stress and health problems. In addition, the result is unstable, and quickly regain the weight after you. If you are not afraid of these dangerous consequences, learn a few examples.


The next diet is very hard, it is not recommended to keep longer than three days. Not) will be offered the days meals (snacking:

  1. Breakfast. A Cup of unsweetened coffee, 2 rye Biscuit to be seen again.
  2. Lunch. 2 boiled eggs, 4 tomatoes, 2 Biscuit to be seen again.
  3. Dinner. 50 G hard cheese, 1 slice rye bread, 1 tomato, a Cup of green tea.

Not stiff

The observance of the following three days, you will get rid of 1.5-3 pounds. Daily ration:

  1. Breakfast. Green Tea.
  2. Lunch. 150 G low-fat cottage cheese.
  3. Lunch. 150 grams of lean meat, steamed, tomato, 1 boiled egg, a piece of unsalted cheese.
  4. Mid-morning snack. Unsweetened Tea.
  5. Dinner. 150 G of cooked chicken meat, cucumber, herbal tea.

Simple and effective

The following Power System guarantees the loss of up to 5 kg weight in just three days. Daily ration:

  1. Immediately after waking up. A glass of warm water.
  2. Breakfast. 200 ml of warm low-fat milk with honey.
  3. Lunch. Grapefruit. After 20-30 minutes, 200 G of boiled meat, 150 G salad Can.
  4. The afternoon meal and dinner. A Glass Of Chicken Broth.


The best example here the Paleo diet is. Its principle is as close as possible to the diet to this, it was in the primitive man. Follow you may 7 days, it causes damage to the body. Description of the variant of the one-day menu:

  1. Breakfast. Two boiled eggs, 150 G of salad from fresh fruit.
  2. Lunch. 10 Almonds, 1 Apple.
  3. Lunch. 200 G cooked chicken breast, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato.
  4. Dinner. 200 G Shrimp, 150 G Of Vegetable Salad.

The best diet in the world

Each Person tried at least once in your life, to lose weight, agree that it is easier to avoid this Problem than to solve it. The best way to do it – with the right balanced diet to develop the right eating habits, from harmful products and the control over the extent of the portions. What are the advantages of using this approach are:

simple diet
  1. Lowers cholesterol and harmful fats.
  2. Strengthens all internal organs and systems, bone-and muscle-tissue.
  3. Energy Recovered Balance.
  4. Toxins.
  5. All metabolic processes are normalized.
  6. The body receives all the necessary micro and macro nutrients.
  7. Improves the Psycho-emotional state.
  8. The weight always stays in the normal range.