How to lose weight at home without dieting

Beautiful figure – the dream of almost every woman. In the pursuit of the ideal of the beauty of the girl, pace yourself diets and irreparable damage to their own health. Any diet is a great strain for the body. They damage the stomach and the digestive system in General. Also regrettable consequence of the diet a Mat, non-elastic skin and the appearance of wrinkles. After the end of the diet, the body the extra pounds back faster than they come on, and slowly increase diet metabolism your weight from day to day. To achieve lose weight without harm to health and lasting results, to lose weight proper nutrition and physical activity help. And a few simple tips will help you easily get the extra pounds get rid of once and for all!

Lose weight at home without diet with water

how to lose weight

2-3 kilos in 2 weeks ordinary, pure water to help, if you take the right one.

  • Two glasses of water to drink after waking up. Water cleanses fast the body of toxins, improves the metabolism and accelerates the process of digestion of fat.
  • Drink a glass of water for 20-30 minutes before each meal. Drinking water before eating will eat the appetite and not give you much.
  • Not zapivaem eat. The food from the stomach faster and easier digested, when you drink.
  • Do not drink earlier than 40 minutes after eating. Do not disturb the stomach, not diluted to increase the gastric juice and the stomach.
  • Per day at least two liters of water to drink.
  • Before going to bed a glass also drinking.

If you add to the water the juice of half a lemon, then we can even more accelerate farewell to overweight.

How to eat right to lose weight in house conditions, without diet?

It is not so much in what we eat, how much, how much we eat.

  • Gradually, the size of the portions to be reduced to about 200 G. Thus, we reduce the stomach and not more, we eat more than is necessary for our body.
  • Eat frequently (every 2-3 hours), but in small portions.
  • To give the last time to eat 3 hours before bedtime, the stomach time for digestion of food.

What to eat to lose weight in house conditions, without diet?

  • Wear them in your diet more vegetables. Cabbage, celery, green bell peppers good for fat burning.
  • Not to indulge in fruit cracks, the strength (persimmons, bananas, etc.). Apples are ideal for between meals and lemon – this is fat's worst enemy.
  • Eat boiled eggs and boiled, fried or steamed lean meat.
  • Eat dietary fiber, it helps to lose weight quickly and effectively, and saturates the body with essential fatty acids and trace elements. Only 2 teaspoons of dry fiber per day will help you to forget what is overweight.
  • Necessarily eat fish at least 1-2 times per week (not smoked). Fish oil speeds up the metabolism, which means to lose that helps weight. Can capsules taking fish oil. A nice Bonus is the valuable vitamins contained in it is. With the help of fish oil, we not only achieve the desired result in weight loss, but also improve the condition of skin and hair.
  • Replace the Desserts, dried fruit, honey, fruit. It can Marshmallows, jam, jelly.
  • Eat more green.
  • Before the sleep, to not feel the hunger can you drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. If you add a teaspoon of cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper on the tip of a knife, then it is a minus of 2-3 kg per month.
  • Vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) instead of animal fats.

What not to eat for weight loss at home?

  • On the night food never smoked, marinated and salted, and, in General, better to ignore them.
  • Not fried food, fatty food. Prefer stewed, boiled food, fried,.
  • Do Not Eat Flour.
  • Coffee and tea with sugar to drink. Better to replace sugar with honey.
  • Not carried away by the fast-Food.
  • Mayonnaise under the ban.
  • Semi-finished products.
  • Butter.
  • Not drinking carbonated drinks.

Effective exercises to lose weight at home without dieting

  • Knee bends good to burn calories and tighten the butt cheeks.
  • Jump rope and without.
  • Statistical practice Ironing. Try to stand in the bar for at least 30 seconds.
  • Run.
  • Skiing on the bike.
  • Enough swing press 3 times per week.
  • Dance classes and others.

Sports heals the body and soul. You train with pleasure, you will the desired result faster. Choose a comfortable time to practice, place, turn on your favorite music. To get involved, try three to four times per week at least. During the Cardio-pounding workout, when the heart begins to slowly, the body burns the fat faster. Need at least half an hour, soon a positive result to determine.

Nice be easy. To eat started correctly, by the elementary exercise, you will soon as your body is streamlined, the character, enhances the skin, hair and nails. Took a healthy diet, get rid of them for ever, the thoughts about diet and exercise at home to be a part of your life and will inspire you to lift your mood. Remember, during exercise, in the blood a considerable quantity of a hormone of happiness is thrown away, and therefore can achieve an improvement in your physical and emotional state.