What you can see on the Protein diet: the list of products

Whether lose weight without Hunger, or complicated menus? It turns out, Yes. Protein weight loss System is the ideal choice for those looking for a hearty, but simple cuisine.

Foods for Protein diet

To Stick to the diet developed, it does not require the purchase of expensive overseas food and have a professional culinary skills. All of the dishes from simple ingredients, known to every housewife.

Protein Diet-The Options

There are many varieties of Protein diet. To lose the greatest popularity among weight, won the following methods:

Dukan Diet

The author of the program, the remove a 4-x-landmark.

Each Phase has its own objectives, a time limit and a list of allowable ingredients:

  • Attack -take 1 to 10 days, only protein-rich foods;
  • Cruise – from 2 weeks to half a year (if necessary, up to 12 months), the menu is based on the alternation of Protein and Protein-vegetable days;
  • Fixing – of 50 days, the results achieved for the maintenance, gradually in the diet of fruit to be introduced, starchy vegetables, one Dessert per week, consumption of favorite;
  • Stabilization – no restriction for the duration.

Feature – inclusion in the daily diet of 1.5-3 tablespoons of bran.


His unusual name has with the art of the light Hand of the former Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, the weight lost according to this scheme of power supply. On the strict System, you can have 2 or 4 weeks. There are two options: egg and cheese.

Special diet – a combination of high protein foods and citrus rich fruits.

The Kremlin

The program is two weeks. The basic principle – a Minimum of carbohydrates. Allowed are all meat, fish dishes, including fried vegetables, eggs, cheese. Each product is marked conditional unit (GPA). Of the day, not more than 35-40 B


Special featurethere are no restrictions in portions, allowed food to eat until full saturation.

What you can see on the Protein diet: the list of

Table of recommended products for the Protein menu:

Category List
Milk All milk-based beverages 0-3% fat content (yoghurt, sour milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk), milk up to 2.5%, cottage cheese up to 5%, cheese durum wheat.
Meat Lean Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Rabbit.
Fish and seafood Marine, some lean.
Vegetables All of them, except potatoes.
Fruit Preferably unsweetened (apples, pears, citrus fruits, Kiwis, prunes).
Grits Buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, brown rice, chickpeas, barley
Berries Strawberries, red and black currants, sea buckthorn, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries).
Mushrooms Fresh or frozen.
Egg Chicken, Quail.
Green All
Bread, Toasts Made of full-grain, rye flour, without yeast (with the addition of bran, linseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds).
Vegetable oils Olive, Flaxseed.
Drinks Black, green, herbal tea, coffee, mineral water, plain clear water

Prohibited products on a Protein diet

For effective weight loss, you need to remove from the diet fast carbohydrates and foods with a high fat content.

Prohibited products on a Protein diet

First and foremost, the prohibition extends to refined sugar, pastries, sweets, white wheat bread, white bread, yeast pastries, cakes and pies.

To the list of prohibited products include:

  • fat meat, fish;
  • ready-made ready meals, canned food;
  • pickled vegetables, smoked meat, fat;
  • Shop all sauces, Mayonnaise, Ketchup;
  • starchy vegetables (potatoes, sugar beet, maize);
  • Pre-packaged juices, sweet drinks;
  • Alcohol.

Of dried fruit and some fruits should also grapes to the diet: dates, bananas,.

Protein diet for weight loss Dukan diet

The methodology was from the French doctor Pierre Dukan more than 30 years, but the great popularity acquired, it is only in the 2000s, after the publication of the book is the author of "I can't lose weight".

The basic strategy of weight reduction on the Dukan diet is based on four clearly-painted cycles:

  • The first Phase of the "attack", is the biggest challenge, both mentally as well as physically. It does not take more than 10 days, but has the most restrictions in the food. Allowed to eat, up to 72 different types of Protein. The same type of table can prepare the body for the upcoming changes.
  • "Striping". In the diet are vegetable fats are added and up to 28 different vegetables: all kinds of cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, artichoke, celery, green beans, pumpkin, carrots, onions, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, herbs, mushrooms.

Some ingredients are only in small quantities (G/day):

  • Chicken-Egg Yolk – 25;
  • Vegetable oil – 18;
  • Chia Seeds -12 ;
  • Flax Seeds -7;
  • Tomato paste – 50;
  • Goji Berries – 30.

In this Phase of the diet, a Protein day, then a Protein and vegetables and so on as follows:.

  • "Fixing" is for the step-by-step introduction of the usual products (fruit, bread from whole grain products, cheese, potatoes, etc.). A Protein day per week.
  • The Stabilization. The meals will be included on the basis of the formed eating habits.

In all stages of weight loss, requires you to consume food no less than 15-20 g. all bran per day. A useful addition to the activation of the work of the digestive tract and stable colon cleanse.

Why Protein products promote weight loss

Protein meal, in this way, the body is very slowly digested. On the process of Assimilation of Protein compounds consumed a lot of effort. If no fast carbohydrates in the diet, the energy drawn from the fat cells.

Compliance with the carbohydrate deficit, in the course of time leads to a reduction of fat reserves and the gradual reduction of the quantities of the body. In the course of the day, allowed the consumption of 30-50 gr. complex carbohydrates.

Can I eat only proteins

Pure Protein diet should not be used for a long time. Keep Protein on the menu, you should not have more than two weeks. It is the optimal time to make the necessary changes in the body without harm to health. A prolonged decrease in the proportion of carbohydrates and fats, can adversely affect the external and internal condition of the people.

The result of the Protein diet

Most nutritionists believe that proper nutrition, more ideally balanced composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, combined with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. The recommended proportions as a percentage of: 30% b /20% J. / 50% W.

What results do you expect from the protein diet

In General, in compliance with the main principles of nutrition and maintaining an active lifestyle, the result will not wait long. External changes are visible until the end of the first week. In such a short period of time, it can get rid of excess weight by 1.5-4 kg. The final pay, is to a large extent from the original mass of the body and the personal characteristics of slimming. On average, 14 day diet, can relieve you of 3-5.5 kg.


Protein menu is far from all interested parties. Older people and women in the location, then not better to remove such drastic measures. And in the presence of serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory processes in the kidneys, the liver, in this System the power supply is contraindicated.